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Safety and know how


MEMBRANE is an EPC that provides turn-key solutions in the fluid treatment business, based on proprietary know-how and patents.

MEMBRANE’s solid engineering background stems from

– over 10 Patents granted

– 1300 units installed in all 6 continents and offshore

– proprietary know how competence since 1936

– a SAP © based organization

Safety and know how


As opposed to the market’s tendency to supply equipment and plants, our goal is providing a complete service.

We routinely design customized and standard solutions for fluid treatment issues. Whether it’s nitrogen production, water treatment, chemical dosage, or even purification of chemicals we guarantee the achievement of enduring results.

We listen to our Customers carefully and seek understanding of their needs.

Safety and know how


At MEMBRANE you will only find friendly, knowledgeable people that will amaze you with their professional insights and high degree of specialization.