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All systems engineered at MEMBRANE rely on internally developed software.

Our I&C department not only has proficient programmers in various PLC and DCS code languages, but also develops graphic interfaces (HMI).


Our team is qualified with SIEMENS, ROCKWELL, ABB to program the logic controllers installed onboard our units.

Engineers at MEMBRANE develop HMI based on standard platforms developed for each industry, and provide complete solutions including touch panels, SCADA systems, delivery of signals to DCS, development of DCS graphic pages, and more.


Major protocols used for our units include: PROFIBUS, MODBUS, HART, etc.


MEMBRANE also owns proprietary servers at its corporate headquarters in Milano, Italy to remotely service and control its units worldwide, providing a valuable optional service to Customers.

As an additional option MEMBRANE has the capability to completely reset remote system and provide disaster-recovery strategies from remote, thus cutting service time and costs.