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Chemical Dosing


Dosing packages are designed to withstand aggressive chemicals and offer durability for the general process.

Our units can either be installed indoor or outdoor, in classified or safe areas, inshore or offshore.

Dosing tanks and pumps can be networked to operate with redundancy philosophy or standalone.

All packages can be implemented with PLC control, touch panels, and remote control.


Calibration pots, self-priming features, self diagnostic and more features are available.

Flowrates range from a few L/h to several m3/h.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

All our dosing units are designed according to API (675), CE, ASME, ANSI, UNI, NORSOK standards whichever applicable.

Electrical and Instrumentation components may be for safe area or ATEX compliant.


Application fields.

Oil&Gas applications, water treatment, chemical industries, electronic industries.