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Commissioning & Startup


MEMBRANE has a team of engineers organized in departments (Process, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical & Control, Software) ready to serve our Customers.


Our engineers perform the required duties in our office or at the various international sites inshore and offshore, including FPSO, offshore rigs, platforms, artificial islands, etc.

In a typical year we perform over 100 service missions anywhere in the world.

Customers confidently place their confidence in our unique team of engineers who is specialized in membrane technology, sewage systems, desalination, chemical dosing.


The amazing professional capabilities of our people competently address any technology issue in our field of operation.

Qualifications represent another record for our personnel, who is capable of dealing with fine details  within the ASME V, VIII, IX, X and ANSI standards, as well as UNI, DIN, ASTM, PED, CE, NORSOK, GOST, ATEX, API.


Our people safely operate under OHSAS 18001 rules, being MEMBRANE a certified company and a very safety-aware company.

Quality documentation is released in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and traceability of all operaations performed.

No matter what your technical request is, we have the right people and prompt answers for you.


MEMBRANE currently holds a record 100% success rate with release certificates signed by satisfied Customers, in thousands of service missions performed.