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MEMBRANE has cooperated developing third-generation EDI stacks with a US partner.

Our stacks are continuous, without recirculation, simplified units (patent pending) for uninterrupted service.

The ideal match to our EDI systems is our OSMODEMI Series (RO demineralization units). Seamless integration allows for continuous production with any feed water and very stable operation conditions for yeas.

The technology advantage gained in many units installed has allowed MEMBRANE confidently offer reliable units to demanding customers.

Flowrates range from 1 m3/h to 200 m3/h, and more by using modular trains.


Special features.

The iPRO © Option.  All units can be remotely controlled by Membrane on Customer's request, or even directly by Customer via a simplified interface installed by Membrane on Customer's DCS or Control Room.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

Our EDI systems are designed according to CE, ANSI, UNI standards whichever applicable.

Conncetions may be customized for electronic and even pharmaceutical use.


Application fields.

Power stations, chemical industries, ultra pure loops.