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MEMBRANE's engineering organized in departments (Process, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical & Control, Software) each capable of working as an integrated team part of an EPC structure.


MEMBRANE routinely develops engineering at all stages, altogether or one stage at a time.

Engineering organization is used for designing MEMBRANE's own systems as well as Customer's proprietary systems, on their specifications and prescriptions.

Example of our engineering activities include:


- PROCESS development

- PFD and P&ID drawings

- 3D Detail drawings

- 3D Assemby drawings

- GAD (general arrangement), LAYOUT drawings

- MASS BALANCE calculations

- PROJECTIONS of systems' performance

- MTO, list of deliverables, bill of materials

- MR (material requisition)

- vendor selection

- SITE INSPECTIONS and third party inspections

- ASSEMBLING and WELDING at our workshops



All major international rules and standards are familiar with us.

Consider for example our solid knowledge of the ASME V, VIII, IX, X and ANSI standards, as well as UNI, DIN, ASTM, PED, CE, NORSOK, GOST, ATEX, API, IMO.


Our people safely design systems and operations according with OHSAS 18001 directives, being MEMBRANE a certified company.

Quality documentation is released in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and traceability of all operaations performed.

No matter what your technical request is, we have the right people and prompt answers for you.