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Filtration Packages are ASME VIII (upon request) pressure filters or cartridge filters for several types of applications ranging from particle separation to RO pretreatment. Small medium, and large flowrates are routinely managed.

Several types of media (for dual- and multi-media filters) are available to choose among, as well as hundreds of different cartridges and materials for the cartridge filtration. Cartridges can even be disposable, reusable, backwashabel, or self-cleaning.

The complete chemical dosing packaged necessary to the process is optionally supplied with the filters. The complete skid, painted to any kind of environment specifications include valves, piping, pumps, blowers, and come pretested at our factory.

The whole process is PLC controlled, with our exclusive software.

Flowrates range from 10 m3/h to 2000 m3/h are achieved.


Special features.

The iPRO © Option.  All units can be remotely controlled by Membrane on Customer's request, or even directly by Customer via a simplified interface installed by Membrane on Customer's DCS or Control Room.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

Our filtration units are designed according to ASME, ANSI, UNI standards whichever applicable.  Electrical and Instrumentation components may be for safe area or ATEX compliant.

Pressure vessels are designed and tested according with ASME VIII, ASME X, and PED.


Application fields.

RO Pretreatments, Potabilization, Chemical Industries, Municipal uses, etc.