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Fine Filtration


Fine Filtration Packages are special ASME VIII pressure filters for the oil&gas industry, capable of managing large flowrates and withholding fine particles.

The typical fine filtration unit is capable of separating 95-98% of 3-5 micron particles constituting suspended solids in water. As the typical application is water injection in oil or gas well, the flow rates involved reach and exceed hundreds of m3/h.

Special layered media and finely dosed chemicals are at the core of this application. Fine filters are typically carbon steel, internally glass flaked structures with design pressures up to 20 brag.

The complete chemical dosing packaged necessary to the process is supplied with the filters. The complete skid, painted to offshore environment specifications include valves, piping, pumps, blowers, and come pretested at our factory.

The whole process is PLC controlled, with our exclusive software.

Flowrates range from 100 m3/h to 2000 m3/h are achieved.


Special features.

The iPRO © Option.  All units can be remotely controlled by Membrane on Customer's request, or even directly by Customer via a simplified interface installed by Membrane on Customer's DCS or Control Room.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

Our fine filtration units are designed according to ASME, ANSI, UNI standards whichever applicable.  Electrical and Instrumentation components may be for safe area or ATEX compliant.

Pressure vessels are designed and tested according with ASME VIII, ASME X, and PED.


Application fields.

Refineries, FPSO, FPO, drilling rigs, RO pretreatment.