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MEMBRANE srl is a worldwide leader in high performance water treatment

technologies. MEMBRANE personnel 30 year of experience in the Reverse

Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), and Ultrafiltration (UF) fields is world widely

known by membranes' manufacturers and Customers. MEMBRANE srl has

connections to companies, people, devices, and factories that provide the

synergic strength to design state-of-the-art plants in the shortest possible time to

meet any Customer's demand.



Approach to Technology Solutions


By virtue of the extensive know-how owned, and in contrast to many technology

companies, MEMBRANE srl does not take a rigid approach that favors one

technology over the alternatives and does not impose it on Customers as the only


MEMBRANE srl's philosophy is to listen to the Customers' requests, monitor all

technological alternatives, and provide Customers with a range of options from which

to choose. MEMBRANE srl develops its products and solutions around widely accepted

industry standards. In some instances, technologies developed by MEMBRANE srl

have become industry standards themselves.

MEMBRANE srl provides fully pre-assembled, packaged, and pre-tested fluid

treatment solutions that meet or exceed Customers' requirements in any specified

environment. All units provide automatic and manual running modes. Optionally,

remote-control and full remote management is offered.

MEMBRANE srl offers the industry's broadest range of products used in the water

treatment field. Our people skillfully access these resources to provide a network of

services and expertise in plant design and implementation. Our technical support

and professional services maintain and optimize plant operations. MEMBRANE srl is

unique in its ability to provide all these elements, either by itself or together with




Target Markets


MEMBRANE srl serves customers in three target markets:

• Large Engineering Companies - Large organization with complex needs, high

flowrate productions, usually requiring customized solutions for high-performance

applications. Enterprise customers include corporations, government agencies,

utilities and scientific institutions.

• Medium Sized Businesses - Companies with a need for treated water/fluid inside

their production facility, for their own purposes.

• Small Businesses/Private End Users - agencies, utilities and scientific institutions

with specific requirements, but need for low flowrates and standard/customized


MEMBRANE is selling its products in approximately 50 Countries through its sales

force and marketing initiatives coordinated by the headquarters in Milano, Italy and 3 international offices.



Business Practices


Business will be conducted in good faith, with integrity and in accordance with these

ethical standards. Adherence to such standards should never be traded or

compromised for financial, professional or other business objectives. This obligation

includes dealing honestly with other health care providers, educational institutions,

payers, internal and external customers, suppliers, competitors and financial






All of Membrane's communication, including disclosure of information, shall be

clear, accurate and sufficiently complete so that such communication is not

misleading. Technologic information advertising and marketing materials shall be

truthful and fairly and accurately represent Membrane, its capabilities and its level of accreditation. Advertisements will be judged for their frankness, clarity

and demonstrable truths.



Respect for People


Membrane and its employees will treat their fellow employees, customers and

shareholders with respect and courtesy. We will abide by all equity, diversity and

safety protocols and legislation to ensure all employees have the opportunity to work

in a safe and harmonious workplace.



Respect for the Environment


All Membrane’s business activities will be carried out so as to protect the health and

safety of employees, contractors, customers and the community, whilst

paying proper regard to the protection of the environment.

Membrane will use its best endeavours to conduct its operations in a manner that is

compliant with international accepted standards of respect for the

environment. Membrane will conduct its business with the protection of the

environment as a major goal.

The objectives of Membrane in protecting the environment are the following:

• meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements for environmental

management and protection. In case these are lacking or insufficient to protect the

environment, apply the best practice standards which will ensure that the

environment is protected;

• maintain an awareness within Membrane of the responsibility of Membrane and

its employees or contractors to ensure protection of the environment;

• regularly review Membrane’s operations to identify and assess the environmental

impact associated with those operations;

• implement and maintain management systems, programs and procedures to

ensure the environment is protected, including the control of discharges and other

waste emissions that may harm the environment.