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Our history dates back to 1936, when Federico S. Arcari first filed patents for water desalination systems via thermal-compression technology. He then designed, supervised their construction, and commissioned the units in the formerly Italian territories in Africa.

In the 1960s and 70s, as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration became industry-grade applications, our people pioneered desalination by designing and installing the very first mid and large scale units in Italy and Mediterranean.

In 1983 Membrane was established as a complete Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) contractor completely focused on reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration systems.

In 1986 the first extreme application was delivered by Membrane to the Italian scientific research base in Antarctica. A complex of approximately 150 people began depending on such units.

In 1990 Membrane installed the first zero-discharge large scale system in Sinai, Egypt. Seawater desalination from the Red Sea provided freshwater to a large complex of 3000 people. A seamlessly integrated wastewater treatment facility with tertiary treatment enabled the complex to fully recycle the desalinated water for all internal needs, until final use for the tropical garden.

In 1996 the first major seawater demineralization system was installed by Membrane for a power cogeneration plant, along a european shoreline.

In 1999 the FPSO era began expanding and Membrane entered among the very first players into the quickly developing market by supplying customized solutions for offshore floating structures in ATEX area.

In 2002 Membrane was awarded a substantial redesign, construction , and commissioning/startup of the major Italian seawater reverse osmosis unit in Sicily, a system capable of delivering 20 000 m3/h of drinking water, drawn from Mediterranean seawater.

In 2003 Membrane was certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

In 2007-2011 Membrane is awarded a series of offshore contracts and pharmaceutical installations, leading to the split of core business in different divisions, namely Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Conventional.

In 2009 Membrane became NORSOK and ACHILLES certified.

In 2011 the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milan awards Membrane the Gold Medal for Productivity as a long-standing firm.

In 2012 Membrane gets certified BS OHSAS 18001.

In 2013 Membrane acquires contracts in Oil and Gas, Chemical, and wastewater management sectors, thus confirming the continuous growth trend.

MEMBRANE has since grown with a considerable number of new products, proprietary technologies, and patents. By employing considerable efforts in developing a SAP-based Company, MEMBRANE is now capable of managing both small jobs and large jobs, with a multi-site organization.

Our skilled personnel has been trained to comply with the best practices, always operating in safe conditions as a priority. MEMBRANE is, in facts, a OHSAS 18001 certified company.

During the 2012-2015 relevant projects in Oil&Gas were undertaken in filtration, fine filtration, desalination, wastewater treatment. In the same period important achievements in the Pharmaceutical processes as well as power and chemical industries brought MEMBRANE to leading positions in the fluid process markets.

In the 2015-2019 period MEMBRANE has acquired further know-how and been awarded new patents for revolutionary technologies in the RO and NF field. By embracing complex projects based on PDMS design and a detailed management of multidisciplinary subjects, MEMBRANE has succeeded in taking challenges otherwise only possible to very large organizations.

This highly organised approach has allowed MEMBRANE to develop a project management structure capable of quickly and precisely dealing with any present and future project.

MEMBRANE’s focus ultimately remains THE CUSTOMER, to which value maximisation is offered with our distinguished knowledgeable people and their courtesy.