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To preserve your valuable processes we select only industrial-grade filtering media  that are routinely installed in our units.

No matter your application (e.g. pharmaceutical, electronic, oil&gas company or a chemical), we will supply you the best to fit your needs.

Since a proper filtering medium must at the same time perform as intended over time, and last a reasonable amount of time, our selection addresses only those products that comply with your process goals and minimize your operating costs (OPEX).

Filtering media come in a variety of configurations, materials, and types. Please make sure to check with our Post-Sale engineers and let them help you select the best product for you.

Gravel, sand, activated carbon, ion exchange resins are among the products we use for our own design and can offer you as quality spares.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

Media come in variety of standards, depending on the application, your location, and health requirements. Check with our engineers to verify that your unique criteria are met.