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MEMBRANE is the sole OEM qualified with all major membrane elements manufacturers.

In other terms, any unit designed by MEMBRANE offers  a two-layered warranty: first, for the system's performance and second, for the membranes installed at the operating conditions designed by us.

Customers thus benefit from this dual warranty in terms of reduction of operating costs, and 100% safety that all units employ approved products, at approved operating conditions, and approved warranty terms.


There are over 2200 different membrane models marketed by the top quality manufacturers.

MEMBRANE has access to this large portfolio and supplies technical insights on how to best operate the elements.

Whether you are seeking a Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Microfiltration (MF), or Electrodeionization (EDI) spare you can rely on us for the best products at very convenient pricing.

Even in case of your request to change the manufacturer, we will help you select the best elements for your application and provide highly qualified services to install, supervise, and commission the new elements.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

OEM membranes are supplied for a variety of different industries and gets customized depending on your needs. Whether you are a pharmaceutical, electronic, oil&gas company or a chemical industry there is the right product for you taylorized on your specific application. Let us help you select the most suitable ones!