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MEMBRANE has a very solid experience when it comes to conventional potabilization units: whether it involves multimedia filtration, chlorination, UV debacterization our packages will meet any applicable standards (e.g. WHO, CE, GOST, etc).


Even the selection of media is carefully considered by our specialists, whose strong experience in this field allow MEMBRANE to deliver reliable packages that are easy to operate and maintain in time.


Typical flow rates for these units range from 10 m3/h to more than 1000 m3/h.


Special features.

The iPRO © Option.  All units can be remotely controlled by Membrane on Customer's request, or even directly by Customer via a simplified interface installed by Membrane on Customer's DCS or Control Room.


Standard Rules and Certifications.

All our potabilization units are designed according to CE, ASME, ANSI, UNI standards whichever applicable.

Electrical and Instrumentation components may be for safe area or ATEX compliant.

Pressure vessels are designed and tested according with ASME VIII, ASME X, and PED.


Application fields.

Most systems are installed in villages, towns, industries, municipal installations, resorts.