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Sewage Treatment


Sewage treatment applications designed and developed by Membrane range from traditional systems based on ACTIVE SLUDGE, to MBR (membrane bioreactor) systems, and also CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL units, BILGE SEPARATION systems (compliant with IMO 107/49 regulations).

Four different technologies to solve any treating and disposing of sewage streams.

Membrane guarantees achievement of endurable results and full compliance with local laws and regulations.

With a very solid experience with European, Middle East, Far East, and Offshore requirements Membrane has proven capable of meeting any Customer's need.

Process is sturdy, reliable thus delivering stable performance on units that are easy to operate and maintain.

The design includes pre-treatments (such as equalization, anaerobic, denitrification, and more) and post-treatments (such as chlorination, ultrafiltration, and more).

Units can be containerized, skid-based, or installed over a designated area.

The sewage systems can also be redundant: quite often, actually, in severe conditions our Customers ask to setup installations like 2x100% or 3x50%.

All sewage systems are PLC controlled and feature our exclusive software upgraded to the latest edition.

Examples of flowrates range from a 5 m3/h to 1000 N3/h.


Special features.

The iPRO © Option.  All units can be remotely controlled by Membrane on Customer's request, or even directly by Customer via a simplified interface installed by Membrane on Customer's DCS or Control Room.

Zero Discharge Option: a final post-treatment (including reverse osmosis) that makes treated water perfectly usable for other purposes (e.g. lawn watering, industrial processes, desalination, etc).

Electrical and Instrumentation components may be for safe area or ATEX compliant.

Pressure vessels are designed and tested according with ASME VIII, ASME X, and PED.


Application fields.

Units are typically installed in Oil&Gas complexes, refineries, FPSO, offshore drilling rigs, chemical complexes.