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UV Sterilisation


Membrane has long-standing agreements with a handful of top manufacturer of UV systems. As a qualified OEM with over 30 year experience, we design and manufacture custom or standard systems for all your debacterization/sterilization needs.

Membrane guarantees achievement of endurable results and full compliance with local laws and regulations (e.g. EU, NIPH, IMO, and more). We even supply and install complete explosion-Proof (ATEX) UV sterilization packages in critical areas.

Due to the high versatility of UV systems, some applications are on primary waters (e.g. debacterization of freshwater loops), others are on sewage (e.g. tertiary treatments). The latest technologies allow UV units also to serve as TOC reduction systems as well as The design includes pre-treatments (such as equalization, anaerobic, denitrification, and more) and post-treatments (such as chlorination, ultrafiltration, and more).

Units can be containerized, skid-based, or installed in the designated area.

The UV systems, depending on their criticality and the environment conditions, can be installed with redundancy: for example, installations like 2x100% or 3x50%.

Examples of flowrates range from a 5 m3/h to 1000 m3/h.


Special features.

Monitoring, external control. Our UV packages can be remotely controlled, feature local alarms and lamp activity LED, and even measure the UV intensity for an accurate UV radiation dosage control over time.

TOC reduction.  At specific wavelengths UV radiation is capable of annihilating organic carbon thus eliminating TOC content. Our UV systems achieve such task with state-of-the-art equipment suitable for extreme environments.

High Pressure Lamps. Among the several options we offer when it comes to choosing UV lamps, we offer high intensity, high-pressure lamps for the ultimate radiation efficiency.

Self Cleaning Systems. Some special waters (e.g. onboard ships, FPSO, cruise liners) need to post-treat sewage with high NTU content (i.e. high turbidity). Our units manage this task flawlessly by radiating high-intensity and periodically self cleaning the quartz glass interface with the fluid to treat.

Manufacturing materials: SS304, SS316(L), polished SS316(L).

UV chambers comply with PED, NIPH, NORSOK, and ATEX requirements.


Application fields.

Types of water: drinking, industrial, sewage.

Units are typically installed in Oil&Gas complexes, refineries, FPSO, offshore drilling rigs, chemical complexes.