Our exclusive OSMEDI Series offers technology advantages that are unique, such as footprint compaction, high technology and the ability to benefit from a reduction in energy costs and chemical consumptions.

Manufacturing has achieved pharmaceutical grade; such a feature is most appreciated by customers who are forward looking and seek to enhance the quality levels and develop new specific advanced products.

All our units, come with a high contente of thoughtful automation and very little requirements of maintenance


INNOVAtion and technology

Thanks also to innovations in the chemistry field how are units benefit from the complete absence of iron exchange ratings even with high hardness waters. This unique feature allows our units to avoid microbiological proliferation on the raisins and the use of sodium chloride to regenerate them.

Our proprietary EDI technology, seventh generation, allows us to offer advanced performance in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical fields gain from significative experiences in the semi conductor

Our units achieve product conductivities in the 0.1 microS/cm range or below, and TOC way below the threshold limits, allowing for high operational stability